Mission #1: Create capabilities for today & tomorrow


Black Orbit is a leader in providing tailored expertise on compartmented space programs.  Starting by servicing a variety of IC and DoD customers, we also support non-classified efforts.  The company can assemble a distinguished team of knowledgeable and vetted professionals ready to lead or assist most any space project.   We have direct experience in:

Mission #2: Capture & Preserve legacy achievements


Throughout government, compartmented space programs reach their planned end, are cancelled, or otherwise terminated.  The closeout of these programs raises many unique challanges and issues.  Black Orbit desires to be a one-stop provider for most of the services and expertise needed:

Mission #3: Inspire future workers


There is a diminishing pool of talent in all aerospace fields.  Black Orbit views this situation as detrimental to national defense, and our economy in general.  The company seeks to foster new experts in multiple engineering and scientific disciplines. 

Mission #4: Share where we can


The IC and DoD space efforts are not isolated.  They are part of broader American efforts in space, be they civil, commercial, academic, or private. 

Black Orbit is eager to share lessons learned wherever security and other issues permit. 

We are available as time allows to undertake projects in these fields. 

Let us help you succeed in space - whatever your mission is.