BLACK ORBIT’s logo was designed to make a statement about our original core mission while being as simple as possible.  We also wanted to avoid some of the standard elements found in space company logos.

The central black star: Represents two things - first, America's collection of National Security Space programs.  Classified programs are also know as "black" programs. Second, it stands for the thousands of unheralded workers, past and present, who serve in silence and dedicate themselves to these missions of which they may not speak of.

The blue and red coplanar orbits: These orbits represent America's (blue) National Security interests in space and the rest of the world's (red) threats to those interests.  Blue must always contain red.  

The "iron ring": These blue and red arcs, and the white between them, in 3D create a solid or "iron ring", depicting the strength of America's commitment to utilize space for the protection of the nation and the benefit of all of us.